GSA Hospitality is a full-service sales and marketing company for hotels in the luxury travel segment.

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GSA – General Sales Agent

Independent and Luxury Hotels Representation  - GSA Hospitality

- Reviewing and managing Partnership Campaigns with Global Consortia Partners and Travel Management Companies (Corporate) 

- Targeting key Virtuoso Agents for Top End Hotels & Leisure properties (Leisure) 

- Negotiating Meetings and Events Preferred Partnership (MICE) 

- Contracting and securing new wholesale group series (FIT) and Adhoc groups series (Wholesale) 

- Organising Face to Face Sales Activities, discussions, meetings and presentations 

- Scheduling Sales missions and blitzes and implementation of these activities which are appropriate with the available sales resources to maximise room night production for the portfolio of hotels 

- As a tourism representation company in Australia and New Zealand, our team works diligently to work on the various platforms to drive consumers to the destination. With various PR & Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Trade Partnerships and Consumer activities, the team focuses on increasing year on year business, trade,  leisure and meetings and events visitors to the country and destination.


- A full service sales and marketing company for hotels in the luxury travel segment

- Consumer and Trade marketing activities to drive visitors to the tourism destination

- Identify and implementation of Tourism Representation strategic activities to push visitor numbers up

- Tourism Representation also includes delivery of quarterly Webinars to trade and partners

- Workshop, trainings, roadshows and seminars will be the focus also with Tourism Representation by GSA Hospitality

- Delivering of Above and Below the Line Marketing Strategies is a big part of Tourism Organisation Representation by GSA Hospitality 


Independent and Luxury Hotels Representation  - GSA Hospitality

- GSAdvisory Team will discuss and present a strategic plan that is tactical, manageable and measurable within the scope requested by each Independent Hotel. 

- The various channels and medias are selected within the budget and ensure maximum return on investment. 

- Manage PR and Communication tools that are key in positioning each brand and collection to the targeted Australian and New Zealand Markets

- Support the corporate PR strategy within the region initiated by the client / Hotel

- Work with our clients to ensure timely broadcasting of sales newsletters/promotional materials/fax blasts/hotel directory mailing and delivery are executed 

- Organising and participate in Media Familiarisations 

- A full service sales and marketing company in Australia

- Tourism Organization Representation also includes strategic partner implementation of marketing campaigns

- Evaluating results on all the campaigns conducted is also part of the key responsibilities of GSA Hospitality managing Tourism Organisation's representation in Australia and New Zealand

- Protecting individual and unique contents of the respective tourism organization while representing them in Australia and New Zealand is of utmost priority 


Independent and Luxury Hotels Representation  - GSA Hospitality

- Facilitating Sales Training for key front-line staff and executives 

- Managing expectations from Guests and Client Engagement 

- One on one – Selling Techniques program, tailored for specific Team Leaders

- Train the Trainer modules for selected Team Leaders

- Participate in Mystery Shop exercises and offer review and follow up solutions 

- Managing Social Media engagement and online response activities 

- A full service sales and marketing company that offers excellent training modules

- One of the our Training Academy's values as we represent Tourism Organization is engaging in management workshops and development programs with Tourism Stakeholders and offer unique and bespoke coaching