Global Luxury and Independent Hotel Representation In Australia and

New Zealand 

GSA Hospitality is a team of industry professionals with over 30 years of experience. We skillfully and proficiently deliver flexible Sales & Marketing representation of Luxury and Independent Hotels and Tourism Organisations targeting Australian & New Zealand businesses. We also provide innovation in Sales & Marketing strategies and detailed activity and tactical plans across both the digital distribution and traditional sales channels. This is to ensure and maximise performance optimisation, top-end revenue generation and growth in market share and occupancy for Luxury and Independent Hotels and Resorts. 


The Associates are responsible for hotel representation in Australia and New Zealand to build and maintain long-term,

value-based business-to-business relationships between the elite portfolio of properties and our industry & business clients.

Focusing on sales and brand awareness for the truly Independent bespoke and luxury collection of hotels & organizations,

our goal is also to drive and deliver beyond expectation a successful acquisition,

retention and development customer plan

covering all segments and markets and in turn achieving profitable results for our stakeholders and GSA’s clients. 



Our principle focus is to be a representative company for Independent Upscale and Luxury Hotels & Resorts and Tourism Offices that are looking to have Hotel Representation in sales and brand presence in Australia & New Zealand.


Performance Optimization, Brand Awareness and Marketing Services are also the driving forces for every successful Luxury and Independent Hotel and Tourism Office in Australia and New Zealand. 


GSAcademy offers Training & Hospitality Education incorporating Service Excellence programs for specific modules tailor-made for each team, group and workforce within the hotel partner which covers Luxury and Independent hotels in Australia and New Zealand.


Luxury and Independent Hotels & Resorts Representation Company

As a Global Representation Organisation for Luxury and Independent hotels, resorts and lodges, we and our alliance partners believe in agile and customised sales, marketing and technology products &services focusing on building the business and gaining market share for the hospitality. Find an a la carte approach providing access to markets that matter to you.


The collection is a representation of Global Luxury and Independent hotels and Resorts looking for business from the Australian and New Zealand markets.